Cut The Fat To Fight Gum Disease?

Cut Fat To Fight Gum DiseaseRegular visits to your Wayne NJ dentist office will keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape, but taking care of your teeth and gums can also promote optimal oral – and overall health.

Did you know that by reducing fat from our diets we are also helping our bodies fight gum disease?

Will Cutting Fat From Our Diets Fight Gum Disease?

Back in 2011 Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine researchers found the human body is better at fighting gum disease when fat cells, which trigger inflammation, disappear.

Now this doesn’t mean if we go out and dive into the next fad diet, that we no longer need to see our friendly neighborhood Wayne NJ dentist as often.

Since weight loss is such a popular topic of conversation these days, we can now add gum disease to the list of benefits involved with a reduction in body mass and fat cells.

Wayne NJ Dentist Talks About the Connection Between Oral Health & Overall Health

Regular dental visits help catch oral health issues like gum disease, tiny cavities, and even signs of oral cancer before they have a chance to become bigger problems. What might start off as a microscopic cavity that can be filled in one visit could potentially lead to total tooth loss if treatment is ignored.

This is only preliminary research in the fat cells and gum disease connection and certainly more needs to be done, but at the very least it is another sign of how the health of our teeth and gums has a huge impact on our overall health.

A new paradigm between dentistry and medicine is now developing regarding patient care.

As this oral systemic connection is more clearly understood, dentists who are trained in diagnosing oral and periodontal disease will play a greater role in the overall health of their patients.

That sure sounds like a reason to smile – a win-win for dentists & patients!

Many times, the first signs of unnatural systemic health conditions reveal themselves in changes within the oral cavity.

Share More With Your Wayne NJ Dentist!

What this means to dental patients is this; the better our dentists understand the connection between oral health and physical health, the better they can communicate this information to the rest of us – but we do have to go see our dentists on the regular…and make sure we befriend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and bookmark their blog posts!

There should never be a reason to forgo optimal oral health; it will actually cost us more money to delay even just regular dental cleanings and exams.

This neglect leads to the development of oral health, tooth, and gum problems which then require more attention (read: time and money) from our trusted dentists, when the spit finally does hit the sink.

There other easy to pay dentistry options, and alternatives to dental insurance (just call us and ask).

And don’t be afraid to get your primary care physician involved in the conversation…check out this video from CIGNA to learn more about the oral health & overall health connection:


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