June Is National Smile Month

Smiles are free, they’re contagious, relieve stress, boost our immune systems, and smiling considered is a universal sign of happiness.

As if we need another reason to smile more?

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Along with ringing in Summer, schools letting out – there’s a reason for several million smiles across the country right there – June also brings us another dental-centric month-long celebration of…wait for it…National Smile Month!

According to a recent blog post by some of the most social dental scribes of recent times, Delta Dental:

Originally known as National Smile Week, the celebration was first started in the United Kingdom more than 30 years ago by the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF).

In 2009, National Smile Month was celebrated internationally for the first time when the BDHF and its international arm partnered with Oral Health America to bring the event to the United States.

National Smile Month Message

No matter how many times we hear it, we still need to hear it; oral health is an integral part of overall health.

So let us use times like these to devote some extra special attention both to our own oral (and overall) health, and that of our friends & family members.

Most likely all of us know someone who could use a little smile shape up, don’t let them go another day dealing with the detrimental effects an unhealthy smile can bring – not only to our teeth and gums, but to our entire bodies as well.

It doesn’t matter if we live in Tuscaloosa, South Texas, Midtown Manhattan, or right here in Wayne NJ, there are special events commemorating National Smile Month happening all over the country.

Whether it’s a fancy new set of porcelain veneers that would make Ron Burgundy green with envy, or simply just a garden variety dental exam, cleaning, & checkup, there are plenty of local social dentists just waiting to help shape up our smiles.

Celebrate National Smile Month

We know June is all about Dads and Grads, but Fudgie the Whale, a new Trapper Keeper, and horrible looking ties have nothing on optimal oral health.

Let us make our world a better place this June…one smile at a time!

Just one question, when are the #SmileySelfies gonna make their way across the pond?

Share a smile this June and help celebrate National Smile Month!

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This post originally appeared on Dental Patient News and has been republished with permission.